Economic value of the portuguese language

The department of Romance Languages
in cooperation with the Embassy of Portugal in Prague
would like to invite you to a lecture of

H. E. Maria Manuela Ferreira Macedo Franco
Ambassador of Portugal

The event will take place on May 3 (Wednesday), at 18:00 in the auditorium 210 RB at the campus of University of Economics, Prague (Sq. W. Churchill 4, Prague 3). Working language is English, entry is free.


Lecture of the Ambassador and Presentation of Instituto Camões – Mr. Pedro Morais de Meireles, Director of Instituto Camões in Prague

Erasmus in Portugal – Ms. Milota Styková and Mr. Jan Slavotínek, students of VŠE

How could Portuguese change one´s life – Mr. Jan Němec, Department of Political Science, VŠE

Mini-lesson of Portuguese – Ms.Ludmila Mlýnková, Department of Romance Languages, VŠE and Mr. Sérgio Oliveira, Instituto Camões in Prague

Inauguration of exhibition „Economic value of the portuguese language in the world“ – Atrium of Rajská budova, VŠE

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